Interviu cu Yaron Lichtenstein

How come Imi decided there will be only 10 students? After he got out from the army, he decided that he wants to change, to modify, to increase what he was teached in the army (the self-defense), and to create Israeli martial art, starting to build krav maga as a martial art. With this

KRAV MAGA – De la reputație la fraudă

” Krav Maga: “Arta martiala israeliana, care se bazeaza pe auto-aparare”. Creată de Imi Lichtenfeld in 1970 Toate inceputurile sunt dificile. Nimanui nu ii este usor in momentul in care trebuie sa urmeze drumul pentru a crea ceva. Nimeni nu mai are indoieli asupra faptului ca Imi Lichtenfeld este creatorul Krav Maga (sau aproape


” Imi himself as probably everybody already know was a heavy weight European champion in boxing and Wrestling. Then he became a trapezist in the circus and a professional knife thrower. Later he opened the biggest dancing school in Vienna. He was also a black belt in Judo and Japanese Jujitsu. During the second


MYTH: Krav-Maga was created in the Israeli army. FACT: Imi created the Krav-Maga only after he retired from the army. The Krav-Maga was created between the years 1966 to 1970. MYTH: Krav-Maga was created in 1930 / Krav-Maga was created in 1940 to train the Jewish army / Krav-Maga was created to the defend